Ignite Your… Soul’s Super Powers and GPS Guidance!

How do you wake up every day…feeling lost and powerless, needing caffeine to mobilize or empowered, aligned with higher power and ready for miracles?

With this daily practice in mind/body balance,  you’ll learn to effortlessly shift God/Source to the driver’s seat of your life, become free and:

  • Reduce your stress hormone cortisol so that you start your day calm and relaxed

  • Boost your power hormone testosterone so you start your day confident and assertive

  • Raise your love hormone oxytocin so you start your day with self love and gratitude

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Discover Your GPS Code to

Attune, Awaken, and Activate

your Soul’s Blueprint. 

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Dr. Tianna Conte is a trailblazing blend of mystic, scientist and international bestselling transformational author. She was born with the gift of multi-sensory abilities. Her mystical roots have led her to a career spanning over 35 years as a trained naturopath, ordained Interfaith Minster, initiated Shaman, and psycho-spiritual therapist specializing in enlightened self-care and personal evolution.

She has integrated ancient wisdom with cutting edge technology and has earned an international reputation as a “physician to the soul.” As the founder of the The GPS Code™ in collaboration with her beloved William in spirit, she is now sharing this GPS Code™ with the world to empower people in accessing their divine guidance in their lives to live life to the fullest and enjoy the ride.

Is It Time for You to Discover The GPS Code™?



Promise: We respect and will protect your privacy.