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“Ego is allowed to have its say, just not its way.”

Dr. Tianna is an international best selling author specializing in transformation.  She is a trained naturopath, ordained interfaith minister, master energy therapist and initiated shaman.

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“Tianna is highly committed to helping you find your own journey and access your highest and most divine best self . . . find peace and forgiveness and seek and find answers within yourself . . . and move through divine inspiration from within in the direction of your next steps.”

– LAURA G., Salt Lake City, UT

Experience the Gears of The GPS Code™ in YOUR Life

The GPS Code™ is a revolutionary system in self-awakening, transforming pressing problems into spiritual solutions.  This system is unique in its origin and has been half a century in its evolution. It was unfolded through several spiritual experiences and life altering moments revealed through Dr. Tianna.

RIDDLE: What does the dream of an innocent child at age 9; a poignant promise; a devastating sacred wound of loss and sexual violation at age 13; a Near Death Experience; a Kiss into the Light with her beloved; and a poisonous spider bite have in common??

ANSWER: Just as pieces of a puzzle, they are events in the life of modern day mystic, Tianna.  All of which culminated in a spiritual experience between dimensions that resulted in the birthing of The GPS Code™!
As Tianna was bathed in the vibratory waves of unconditional Love and Light, that is our true essence, the sacred frequencies became infused in the eleven audio recordings that unfolded.  This gift ignited a journey of Initiation customized for all who wish to go to their next level of knowing and trusting their GodSource and Soul Awakening.

Listening with an open mind and heart is the only requirement.  As foretold decades ago through the dream and NDE, passing on of this Light and wisdom raises ones frequency, releasing subtle energy blockages in the mental, emotional and physical body with grace, ease and infinite possibilities! The intent is for the awakening of people ready to embrace their power and God given guidance and gifts.

This process goes beyond personal development and bypasses limited beliefs that keep you stuck. If you’re open and desiring to access your authentic nature of self, your divine inheritance and your innate superhero soul powers, this system is for you.

The GPS Code™ is spiritually anchored in sacred energy transmission, hand signals and universal principals.   The five gears are simple and are presented through enlightened entertainment.


” I found the ultimate secret and cosmic joke of the Universe:  Picture a stretch limousine and you think you are the driver.  You are in the back seat, put your feet up, let the driver drive and enjoy the ride!”

– William’s Parting Words in his Transition